We deliver to your doorstep:

We are direct to every direction with our express and cargo doorstep delivery services.

We will get you your packages on time! And with our top notch doorstep services, we can pick up your packages from any state in Nigeria and deliver to your doorstep around the globe.

Air Freight/ Air Cargo: We offer both direct and consolidated shipments from Nigeria to the globe.

We are dependable air freight professionals and we take pride in our services. At Maids to Run Services we will handle your packages with care and continually strive to deliver your packages on time. Your package will be delivered with care directly to your doorstep. We deliver with integrity.

Courier Services:

We offer express mail services and strive to continue to deliver excellence to both our individual and business customers. We can pick up your express mails and deliver on time around the globe. We know the need for dependable and efficient delivery services and that’s what we promise.

Nigeria Reliable Delivery:

We move carefully with speed. At Maids to Run your packages are always in safe hands. Our commitment and reliability is never doubted. We will always put a touch of class to either your business or personal delivery. We promise you hassle free deliveries at all times.

Nigeria / USA Personal Shoppers:

Are you in the diaspora and feeling home sick or you just need a touch of Nigeria? We can bring home to you.

If you miss Nigerian food, products or outfits, we are the reliable quick fix. Our professional shoppers will pay attention to detail and shop with affordability and quality in mind at all times. We mean it when we say “our promise to you is quality and great service”.

Do you need anything from the US?

We can shop and deliver to your doorstep worldwide. Or you can shop online using a legal form of payment that belongs to you.